REACH Segamat held their biggest annual CNY dinner and presentation to date. More than 40 people attended the event, including students, parents, carers, teachers, volunteers, commitee members and donors.

The center was abuzz with activity as the children and their siblings played happily and gave the centre a very Joyous atmosphere.

Dr. Ng Chai Bing gave a talk during the presentation to thank all the teachers, parents, volunteers and donors for making such a big effort in making the centre a success.

He said with the recent successful autism awareness campaigns, REACH Segamat now has 10 students and 5 on the waiting list. The priority now will be to find a bigger building to accomodate the rising demand for our services.

Everyone then had a very nice dinner catered by Lion Mas. The children ate well without any fuss at all.

The children then gave a musical performance by playing instruments and also by singing.