The parent's committee organised a cookie bake sale for the upcoming Mother's day celebration. The cookies will be presented in a gift bag and a handmade mother's day card prepared by the children. Each cookie gift set will be on sale at RM30.00 from Saturday (4th May, 2013) onwards.

A special mother's day card with a hand print of the children is sold separately at RM5.00.

Please contact
012-7019988, Miss Ong
013-7233698, Miss Chew
016-8652657, Miss Ng
012-7472681, Miss Tey
to organise the purchase of this lovely gift set.

The funds will go towards the group's activities like an outing for the children and their families.

These outings are normally quite difficult for families with autistic children. However in a larger group and with extra help from volunteers, the children can enjoy being themselves in a public environment and bring more understanding towards autism.