REACH Segamat's President Dr. Ng Chai Bing's welcome speech:

President- Lions Club of Segamat – Lion Tan Che Chin
Co-organisers- Lioness Club of Segamat, Lions Club of Puteri Segamat, Lions club of Labis, Lion, Lioness,
Dato2 Datin2;

Members and representatives of

1. Hokkien Assoc.

2. Hainnan Assoc

3. Kwong Xi Assoc

4. Eng Choon Assoc.

Ricky : Kipmart Manager
All participants sponsors, donors, supporters friends and members of the press.

Tonites’s dinner is to appreciate and thank all of you for making the Lions’s Club of Segamat 45th Anniversary Charity Carnival a success.

REACH Segamat was set up in 2008 to provide special education and training to children affected with Austism.

We provide comprehensive education which includes
1. One to one teaching

2. Art & craft lessons

3. Music & movement

4. Pre-vocational training like cleaning, washing, cooking

5. Group therapy sessions with parents

6. Computer based programmes using Touch screens

Our objective is to help these children learn to be independent

Autism affects 50 per 10,000 births. Therefore there is an estimated several hundred autistic children in Segamat.

Hence, our centre is too small to provide enough places for these children.

We therefore decided to build a new and bigger place. This new home will provide more spare and facilities and be a place of “ refuge” for our children even when they have grown up.

We target to raise RM 500,000 and I am happy to report that the Lions Charity Carnival has raised RM 138,888. With the strong support from the public and all of you, we will achieve our goal of RM 500,000 soon.

Please allow me to thank the Lions Club of Segamat, President Lion Tan Che Chin, Organising Chairman Lion Tee Piaw Tian, Co-organisers; Lioness Club of Segamat , Lions Club of Puteri Segamat and Lions Club of Labis for helping in fund raising.

Ricky of Kipmart, all associations, sponsors, donors and each and everyone of you.
A special mention of thanks to the Parents Support Group of REACH Segamat.

Finally, my thanks to the REACH Committee,

These photos were take from Lions Club of Segamat's Facebook Album