News items about Autism from Segamat, Johor, Malaysia and around the world.

Neurofeedback program

Our center is conducting a new program called neurofeedback. It train us to control our focusing ability by playing games with brain waves.

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Autism signs 'present in first months' of life

From BBC News

By Helen Briggs
8th Nov 2013

An early indication of autism can be identified in babies under six months old, a study suggests.

US researchers, writing in Nature, analysed how infants...

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Teenager Tackles Autism With Help From Google Glass


By Cade Metz
13th Aug 2013

As you slip on the Google Glass frames — placing them carefully over your own eyeglasses — you’re told they can read the emotions of the people around...

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A game to help kids with anger problems

From TheStar Online

12th Aug 2013

IN an age where many are hooked on computer games, Singapore’s Institute of Mental Health (IMH) is experimenting with using the medium to reach out to children...

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Autistic kids who best peers at math show different brain organization

From Stanford Med Website

16th August 2013

Children with autism and average IQs consistently demonstrated superior math skills compared with nonautistic children in the same IQ...

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UKM Autism Learning Laboratory: Empowering children and care-givers towards meaningful lives


2nd Aug 2013

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects normal brain function, impacting the areas of social interaction and communication skills. Both children and adults...

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Mind-Body Exercise (Tai Chi) Improves Self-Control for Children with Autism


By Jen Wilson
18th July 2013

Emotional and behavioral control are often impaired in individuals with autism (ASD). Children are especially prone to emotional and verbal...

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Study finds weak brain connections in autistic children


18th June 2013

SOME children with autism have weak brain connections in regions that link speech with emotional rewards, possibly signaling a new pathway in treatment,...

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Pictures Better than Sign Language for Kids with Autism

From LiveSciences

By Tanya Lewis
25th April 2013

Children with autism who don't speak could benefit from using pictures to communicate, and having even their small attempts at speaking rewarded, new...

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Autism Rate Rises to 1 in 50 Kids


By Rachael Rettner
20th March 2013

The percentage of U.S. kids with autism continues to rise, with the latest estimate showing the highest numbers yet.

About 1 in 50 U.S....

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Predicting Autism’s Path

From The Scientist

By Kate Yandell
31st May 2013

Children with autism show a variety of linguistic and social abilities, and it can be difficult to predict how a child will develop. But monitoring...

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Autistic children: Felt but inaccessible


Translated by LIM LIY EE/Sin Chew Daily
17th April 2010

Autistic children have been described as "the children of the stars."

A clinical psychologist, Huang Wei Xiong pointed out...

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Robots in the classroom help autistic children learn

8th Nov 2012

From BBC News
By Judith Burns
BBC News education reporter

Autistic children may learn better from robots than from human teachers, according to evidence emerging from a trial at a school...

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Folic Acid Supplements Shown To Reduce Risk Of Autism


Carol Pearson
17th April 2013

Doctors generally recommend that women take folic acid supplements if they plan to become pregnant - because the B-vitamin reduces the risk of...

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Apps are ‘game changer’ for autistic

9th April 2013

From Miami Herald



Not too long ago, an autism diagnosis was seen as a door tightly shut on a world that communicated differently. Today,...

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Jet Li stars in movie as father of an autistic son

Ocean Heaven (海洋天堂 Hǎiyáng Tiāntáng) is a 2010 Chinese-Hong Kong drama film starring martial arts superstar Jet Li in his first full drama role. It also co-stars Taiwanese actress Kwai...

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Showcased Artwork By Prodigious Savant


By Ariel Chew

Together with The Art Commune gallery, the Golden Sands Resort, Penang by Shangri-La presented an open showcase of original artwork by the prodigious savant...

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Let’s walk the talk for special kids

From Star Online

By Dr. Low Hui Min
16th Dec 2012

The authorities should be serious if they want to move towards advocating inclusive education especially for children with learning disabilities.


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