News items about Autism from Segamat, Johor, Malaysia and around the world.

Stress-free shopping for kids with autism

FromSt. Catherines Standard

By Karena Walter
15th Dec 2012

Shopping is not eight-year-old Jack Perrin’s favourite thing to do, to say the least.

There are too many people in the mall and it’s loud.

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Easier meals for autistic kids

11th September 2012

From Star Online

FOR parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), meal times can be challenging and stressful. Studies have shown that children with ASD can have a...

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Urgent need for autism school

26th October 2012

From Star Online

KOTA KINABALU: Tanjung Baru Assemblywoman Datuk Hamisa Samat said there is an urgent need for a school for children with autism to be built in Sabah.

She said there...

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Dispelling fear of vaccinations

From NST Sunday Spotlight

By Chandra Devi Renganayar
14th Oct 2012

Modern day science has made it possible to prevent more than 30 common infectious diseases through immunisation. Yet, 1.7 million...

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Autism study: First signs don’t appear until after 6 months of age


By Andrea Gordon
30th Oct 2012

Babies with autism don’t show outward signs of the neurological disorder in the first six months of life, but after that develop differently than...

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Apps for Autism

29th Oct 2012

About 30% of autistic children are non-verbal. Tablet and phone apps are now making a difference in engaging children with autism, especially those who are non-verbal.

Even simple...

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Autism Early Intervention Can Help Regulate Brain Activity In Kids

From Medical News Today

By Christine Kearney
26th Oct 2012

A new type of early intervention therapy called Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is effective for boosting language skills and cognitive...

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Redefining autism in the DSM-5

From The Conversation
By Jon Brock
25th Oct 2012

For autistic people and their families, getting an autism diagnosis is just the first step in a long struggle to access much-needed intervention,...

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Lions Intl. Pres. Sid Scrugg visiting autistic centre in Malaysia

19th Feb 2011

International President Sid Scruggs and First Lady Judy visited REACh Penang centre for autistic children.

He gave a moving speech about the centre and it's achievement and then...

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