One-to-one Learning

We provide individualised one-to-one teaching/learning sessions according to personalised curriculum of each child. The teaching curriculum covers aspects of development such as mental and language skills, social skills, personal self help and motor skills.

Art & Craft

These classes promote self expression besides learning concepts of drawing & colouring. Fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination and creativity are also developed.


Music sessions are held weekly on Saturdays. This helps the child develop language, speech & communication, social and motor skills.

Group Play

This programme aims to create opportunities for the children to socialize and interact with each other. Parents are required to be present to support each other and learn how to handle their children. As autistic children have difficulty in pretend play, this programme helps alleviate it.


Besides using art and craft to stimulate visual, sensory and motor skills, our children are also trained in simple life skills like dressing up, cleaning, doing laundry and cooking.

Family Group Therapy

We have a parent support group for parents to meet, socialise, organise activities and support each other.

TOUCH - REACH's tablet based programme

REACH Segamat's TOUCH tablet-based programme is designed to assist and enable our children to quickly and properly reach their full potential. Children with Autism have different learning disabilities and capabilities and our TOUCH programme offers a multipronged approach to best teach them.

This is an interactive programme which promotes visual, sensory and fine motor coordination in the learning process. These computer-based Individualised Education Plan(IEP) are updated for each child as they progress.


Our pottery classes are held twice a month on Fridays. The benefits of this programme are to improve the children’s gross and fine motor skills, and train their sensory issues. It also teaches cooperation between children and teachers as they learn to follow instructions in a fun manner.