Diagnostic and Developmental Assessment

We provide free diagnostic and developmental assessment for the children. Diagnostic assessment is used to confirm if the child is autistic and developmental assessment is carried out to assess the developmental stages of the child.


We are building up our library to provide printed and audio visuals on Autism. There will also be story books and other reading materials to encourage reading

Awareness Campaigns

We intend to organise exhibitions and talks to promote awareness of Autism which would not only lead to earlier diagnosis and intervention but also provide understanding, tolerance and support from the public.


We organise training sessions at REACh Penang to improve the skills of our teachers and volunteers.

Buddy System

Teenage children from mainstream schools are paired to each autistic child where they can play, teach, interact and communicate. We hope that this will not only benefit the autistic child but also help to cultivate understanding and empathy towards autistic children and promote the spirit of volunteerism amongst normal teenage children.