Listen to this autistic girl express herself

Jan 2013

What is the world like to an autistic child?

Carly Fleischmann is able to tell us once she was able to communicate her thoughts using a computer. Here are some amazing insights into the world of autism from Carly.

Because if I don't, it feels like my body is going to explode. It's just like you shake a can of Coke. If I could stop it I would. It's not like turning a switch off
Why she bangs her head on the floor.
"I think a lot of people get their information from so called experts, but if a horse is sick, you don't ask a fish what's wrong with the horse. You go right to the horse's mouth"
"I know what is right and wrong but it's like I have a fight with my brain over it.""I want to be able to go to school with normal kids, but not have them getting upset, or scared when I hit a table or scream."
"It's a way for us to drown out all sensory input that over loads us all at once. We create output to block out input."
When asked why autistic kids flap, cover their ears, hum or rock
"I take over a thousand pictures of a person's face when I look at them. That's why we have a hard time looking at people."