Autism is profound life long mental disability which is believed to be caused by brain dysfunction. Often occurring with other disorders, including mental retardation, it affects four times as many boys as girls and has no class, creed or racial barriers.

As published in Newsweek Magazine (February 28, 2005), the number of autistic children in United States is estimated at about 60 children per 10,000 birth; in Japan at about 21 children per 10,000 birth and in India at about 20 children per 10,000 birth. The differences are likely to be the result of differing diagnostic procedures.

Here we will have articles and poster on autism.

Physician Handbook

HANS is dedicated to helping families by supporting physicians and other professionals in the early recognition, diagnosis and treatment of autism.

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Signs of Autism App in English, Mandarin and Malay

In conjunction with World Autism Awareness Day 2013, REACH Segamat developed an app called Signs of Autism.

This app was created to promote autism awareness for Malaysians. There are 3 versions of it (English, Mandarin & Malay)

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What is Autism?

These posters were adapted from HANS Help Autism Now Society. We have interpreted the posters to Mandarin to include a wider awareness and understanding of Autism in Malaysia.

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The signs of Autism

Autism, which becomes evident in early childhood, is a condition in which children are so withdrawn that they have difficulties in developing normal social and emotional relationships with the people around them, and in understanding the world in which they live.

Unable to understand what he sees, the autistic child tends to resist change and display temper tantrum. Prolonged screaming fits are not uncommon, and ritualistic use of objects is usual. Odd and repetitive behaviour and obsessions are often seen.

The child fails to learn how to play and has difficulty in learning to cope with people and situations.

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Apakah itu Autisme?

Autisme merupakan perkataan yang berasal daripada bahasa Yunani (Greek) iaitu "autos" yang bermaksud sendiri. Justeru itu, kanak-kanak autisme akan menunjukkan gejala "hidup dalam dunianya sendiri".

Kanak-kanak autisme akan mengalami ketidakupayaan dalam perkembangan mental sepanjang hidupnya yang disebabkan oleh otak yang kurang berfungsi. autisme boleh berlaku serentak dengan kecacatan yang lain termasuk kecacatan mental.

autisme bukan sejenis penyakit yang berjangkit dan meliputi semua jenis kaum, bangsa dan etnik, tidak kira taraf dan status. Kebarangkalian bagi kanak-kanak lelaki dalam menghadapi autisme adalah empat kali lebih banyak daripada kanak-kanak perempuan.

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